Anger leads to prosperity…hopefully

About two weeks ago after a shitty day at work I did what everyone in their 20s does – moaned about it online.

I posted, somewhat flippantly, on Facebook that I was sick of work and asked who wanted to open up a game studio. I’d been working on getting myself to a position whereby I could leave work to make games early-to-mid next year but really I was just ranting.

However, a number of people responded and seemed interested so now I might just do that…

Obviously it’s in the early stages but I’ve asked for people to give me details about what they’re good at, interested in, availability etc and the next step is to start generating ideas. I’ve got ideas of my own of course, but given there’s this greater than anticipated interest I thought it would be good to draw from that and see where we go.

Who knows, it could be the start of something great!

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