Am I making a mistake…?

Short answer? No. Hopefully.

So I’ve spent a lot of today reading articles about how The Indie bubble has burst and how a game being good just isn’t good enough and that kind of thing. I am planning to leave work at some point next year (current estimations are February-May depending on money, emotional state etc) and it’s not like I’m doing it with reckless abandon, but it did get me thinking about the need to be careful.

I’ve been in this job just over three years and railed against it for the whole time. The plan was to be there less than a year and leave “to do something creative” (you might question why such a thought out plan didn’t transpire…) I did go part-time after six months, but six-months later had to return to full-time as I ran out of money (starting to see how poorly thought out this whole thing was?) It was good as personal growth, but obviously didn’t have the outcome I wanted. In fact, I got promoted so it kind of had the opposite output.

That was a time when I (kind of) left out of frustration and a belief I can just will myself into something better, without really being sure what that something better was. I think I’ve learnt from it.

This time around I will have given myself a decent amount of time to work towards it (6-9 months depending on when I leave) and to actually take action to make it happen. Important apparently. I’m currently working on a game with some friends and it’s in the early stages, but I’m trying to keep the momentum going and ride this wave.

Now the sensible thing to do would be to wait until it’s out, see what happens and decide on my future there. But unless we turn it around really quickly I won’t, for a number of reasons:

  • Finally I’m better off. It’s not like I can live like a king, but I can get by for a year if needs be.
  • I’m actively looking at other income generation to get me a bit of pocket money coming in.
  • I feel burnt out by work and truthfully it’s bringing me down. Staying there until I have a firm exit is wise from a brain POV, but my heart (and soul I guess) is telling me to get out. It’s a Springsteen song.
  • I will be happy to be closer to completion by the time I leave and spend some dedicated time finishing it off and re-assessing from there. I have plans for other projects, and if I can do one or two more that would be great.
  • I would also like to hope and believe it would put me in a better position to get another job. I know this can’t be guaranteed, so I’m not relying on it, but maybe it will.
  • Worse comes to worse I can fall back on my current role and do something similar. I might be bitter and twisted having tried to leave it and fail, but hopefully having at least tried will help. I’ve always maintained the job itself is okay, it’s just not what I want to do.

So hopefully things will pan out (as much as they ever do anyway). I’m not expecting to be making a load of money, but if I wanted a fair bit of money I’d stick in my current job (where I’m frankly overpaid). I want to be doing something I enjoy. Something that challenges me. Something I can be proud of. Hopefully this means I’m going into this whole thing with the right attitude.

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