I’m Outta Here

So I finally quit work.

I’ve been mulling it over a lot lately.  There was a day (maybe the first day…) at work just after I got back from Greece at the end of last month where people were explaining problems and issues and all I could think was “why should I pretend to give a shit about this”.

So after a lot of thinking and talking to that colleague you speak to about these kind of things (good old work friends) I decided I knew I wanted to leave by the end of May because that’s when things get awful and busy.  I knew at the earliest I wanted to leave at the start of February so my last year of my 20s would be away from that place.  So with my three month notice period I had to hand it in some time between November and February, so I thought I would get to November and just quit when it felt right.  I lasted until mid-October.

I’m going to stay until February 5th (Friday before my birthday) and I’ve given in an excessive notice, but I just wanted to say it and boy did it feel good.

So yeah, I’ll be focusing full time on this game thing.  Let’s see how that goes!

To build or to buy?

After a few weeks off (because of working overtime and holiday) I’m back to working on my game.

Currently trying to get an enemy patrol system working and while I’m sure with perseverance I’d be able to get it, questioning whether I should just buy something from the Asset Store.  On the one hand its good to learn, on the other hand perhaps I can learn from picking apart.  Part of me is always worried I’ll find something coincidentally without really knowing what it does.

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