I’m Outta Here

So I finally quit work.

I’ve been mulling it over a lot lately.  There was a day (maybe the first day…) at work just after I got back from Greece at the end of last month where people were explaining problems and issues and all I could think was “why should I pretend to give a shit about this”.

So after a lot of thinking and talking to that colleague you speak to about these kind of things (good old work friends) I decided I knew I wanted to leave by the end of May because that’s when things get awful and busy.  I knew at the earliest I wanted to leave at the start of February so my last year of my 20s would be away from that place.  So with my three month notice period I had to hand it in some time between November and February, so I thought I would get to November and just quit when it felt right.  I lasted until mid-October.

I’m going to stay until February 5th (Friday before my birthday) and I’ve given in an excessive notice, but I just wanted to say it and boy did it feel good.

So yeah, I’ll be focusing full time on this game thing.  Let’s see how that goes!

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