I’m finding myself ‘inbetween’ a lot at the moment.

I’m inbetween projects.  I worked on a Resist Jam entry and I know I need to go back and fix some bugs, but by and large I want that behind me.  I have some bits and pieces of ideas for other things but nothing is grabbing me at the moment.

I’m unsure what kind of thing I want to work on next.  My last two games were, unintentionally, very similar so I want to do something different, but I still feel constrained by my abilities.  I have an idea for a narrative noir text mystery, which is probably the most achievable, but I’m still figuring out the story.  I played around a bit earlier with the Corgi Engine as I purchased that on a whim ages ago and not done much for it.  Again, I have an idea but I feel its a bit derivative as it is and I need to figure out a different approach.

I think part of the problem is feeling like I have to do something.  I feel that since I got back from Cuba I’ve not really done any work and I’m telling myself I have to do something, but on the other hand I don’t have much inspiration at the moment and I don’t think forcing it will help.

I like coming up with my own projects, but right now I’d like someone to ask me to work on their thing…

I’m also inbetween different states of my life.  I’m doing some temp part-time work and they’ve asked if I want to stay on to cover maternity leave (not checked, but assuming its for 12 months).  I also have a strong desire to leave this country and go work on my own stuff elsewhere while I have money saved up and while I know I still can within the EU (i.e. go somewhere without having a job in place).  However, some family health issues is filling me with guilt as I’d feel bad for “running away”.

So yeah, stuck in the middle.

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