Video Games

I have made a few small video games, some of which I actually finished!¬†ūüéČ

They are mostly small learning experiments as I get to grip with software (namely Unity) or try and advance my skills.

Released Games

Robbing HUD Refugiving screenshot
Robbing HUD Refugiving
Forced to hack other people’s bank accounts by the evil company you work for. Look at the biographical data of a list of people and pick the richest or face consequences. An entry in the¬†Resist Jam game jam in which you must best match up refugees with people willing to give support.
View Robbing HUD game page. View Refugiving game page.

Work in Progress

Where There’s Fire
Former detective Vincent Kennedy tries to solve the murder of a local politician and in doing so may prove the man he help send to jail was innocent.
View Robbing HUD game page.
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