Reviews & Features

Below are just a few examples of reviews and features I have written. These tend to be based on video games due to my involvement with N-Europe, but I have a strong interest in analysing television as well but I tend to do that on Twitter.

What Happens NX #1 – Third Parties

The first in what became a seven part series in the lead up to the unveiling of the Nintendo NX (which became the Switch). Each one focused on a particular aspect of a console launch and looked at Nintendo’s past to try and figure out what they would do next.

Suffice to say Nintendo needs third party support in a different manner than they currently do to be level with Sony and Microsoft, if that is their desire.  Publishers tend to support them pretty consistently, but it seems that they don’t necessarily release the crowd-pleasing titles on Nintendo’s consoles.  The role of independent developers will also play a bigger part in the next generation.  Over the last two generation indie titles have increased in popularity and Nintendo would be wise to court them.  They have done so with the Wii and Wii U and hopefully shall continue to do so.

Halt and Catch Fire and the pursuit of creativity

A reflection on Halt and Catch Fire’s representation of the creative industry and why the show is one of my favourite works of fiction.

They all represent different aspects of the creative process. Between them they are incredibly talented and can run with that headfirst, but can also doubt themselves massively. […] They chase art. They chase business. They clash over these two very different things either within themselves or with each other. They represent the messy but joyous creative process.

Infamous 2’s New Marais

I’m a city person at heart but rarely has a game’s city felt as realised as Infamous 2’s New Marais.

The game does a good job of moving you around these areas and providing a sense of physical location at each, rather than just mission backdrops.  From the central cathedral of St. Ignatius to the middle-class Ville Cochon and the ghettos of Ascension Parish and of course the swamp (after which the city is named – literally New Swamp).  They feel like areas that have grown organically over time rather than just thrown together.  The fact a cathedral lies at the heart of the city which spreads out into other areas is a small touch, but so real to life.

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